Sharkisha's Victim Speaks Out on HuffLive

How Long Did it Take for the Media to Speak Out Publicly about the Viral Video?

Too Long. On November 28th I saw the 'Sharkeisha' video for the first time. How I discovered it was coming across tons of memes on the social networking micro blogger sites. SHARKEISHA, excuse my french because she IS a child, but WTF. The name grabbed my attention and after hearing people talk about it so much and so negatively, I too went on a search. The video wasn't too hard to find. Once I viewed it, I was immediately disgusted. I began to search the internet for credible sources other than a video of a poor teenager get ragged dolled in the street. To my amazement I found that no one in the media mentioned it. 

So, how low did it take?  8 Days. 

How many seconds did TMZ, CNN, etc report MJ The Great leaving this earthly plane? Eight days may not seem like a lot for public acknowledgment but it is. In this day and age when news spreads as fast as a milli second it should not have took that long for someone to prompt a conversation about a young girl being assaulted while it was being recorded with intentions to not only incriminate themselves but to publicly broadcast it to the world. WTF

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